sinethetamagazine: Strange Fruit by Lee Wen. 2003….


Strange Fruit by Lee Wen. 2003. Performance.

Lee Wen is a multidisciplinary artist of Chinese descent. Born in colonial Singapore and raised in post-colonial Singapore, Wen is known for his Journey of a Yellow Man project, a series of performances in which Wen covered himself in yellow paint 1992-2004 and roamed around the city as an exploration of racial identity.

Strange Fruit is the lantern structure he used in his continuation of the Yellow Man project, and was a response to the performance art funding ban placed by the National Arts Council Singapore from 1994 to 2003 as well. This performance journey was recorded in the form of video and photograph installations, which have displayed at the Singapore Art Museum and the National Art Center in Tokyo. The iconic red lanterns and yellow skin work in tandem to display an overt presentation of two common stereotypes associated with Chinese ethnicity. 

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