fouryearsofshades: 冠(笄)之礼是我国汉民族传统的成人仪礼,是汉民族重要…


(via 子衿甲午成人礼_广院子衿汉服社吧_百度贴吧)

Artist @云中居的子莫子

Posters for traditional Chinese coming-of-age ceremonies called “Guan Li/冠礼” for men & “Ji Li/笄礼” for women. During the Guan Li, the man’s hair is combed into a bun and capped with a special headpiece (although nowadays I think they just do the capping part because most men have short hair). During the Ji Li, the woman’s hair is coiled into a bun and held in place with an ornate hairpin. 

Notice how each poster depicts two versions of the same person – before and after becoming an “adult”.