China Creates a New Holiday to Celebrate Tradi…



China has established a new national holiday to celebrate traditional clothing, also known as huafu.

The news can be read on Sixth Tone and Next Shark.

In a Weibo announcement on April 8 2018, the state-run Communist Youth League announced that the first China Huafu Day will be on April 18 2018, to be organized by video site Bilibili in cooperation with its media arm and Dongjia, an e-commerce platform.

The new holiday likely chose huafu instead of hanfu to be more inclusive of China’s ethnic minority groups. Hanfu, the traditional dress of the country’s Han majority, has been the more common term to describe this type of Chinese clothing.


Activities include a huafu photo contest, discounts on over 30 huafu clothing brands, and the launch of a photo-editing app that allows users to huafu-ify ordinary photos of themselves and share them on social media.

Events surrounding the day include talks and symposia bringing together an array of cultural experts and online influencers. On the day itself, a huafu fashion show and traditional music concert will be held in Xi’an, an ancient city in northwestern China selected for its cultural and historical significance, and live streamed to a slew of platforms.

Personally, I find this super exciting because the hanfu revival movement is finally getting government support :DD There are some gripes about using the term “huafu” instead of “hanfu”, but when it comes down to it, it’s just semantics. It really shows how far the movement’s come!

I have been reading opinions on the Chinese internet, a lot of arguing going on about huafu and the quality of the proposed program.
I will maintain a cautious optimism about this since this is the first time the Chinese government has endorsed a high profile event.