Hi, I'm writing a bachelor about chinese…

Hi, I'm writing a bachelor about chinese fashion in XXI century, maybe you could help me? I need chinese fasion magazines from 2000 till 2018. maybe you know where i can get some scans or some magazines. I appreciate any help. 🙂

Hi, thanks for the question! 


I’d recommend checking out Chinese fashion magazines’ official Weibo blogs, since they post a lot of their covers/photos/content there. Here are some of China’s current top fashion magazines, and their Weibo blogs (click for link):

1) Rayli

2) Vogue China

3) Elle China

4) Harper’s Bazaar China

5) L’Officiel China

6) Marie Claire China

Note: You won’t be able to see everything on the blog without creating/logging into your own Weibo account.

In addition, sites like Cfensi and blogs like Fuckyeahchinesefashion will regularly post Chinese fashion magazine scans. 

Hope this helps! (Image – Du Juan for Vogue China)