Hi! I know this may be a silly question, but c…

Hi! I know this may be a silly question, but can you still wear Hanfu and Hanfu inspired clothing even if you're plus sized? Do you know any places to get plus sized Hanfu peices?


Of course you can wear Hanfu and Hanfu-inspired clothing if you’re plus-sized! There are no rules about body size or shape when it comes to wearing Hanfu. After all, during the Tang Dynasty, widely considered one of the most stylish eras of Hanfu/Chinese fashion, the female beauty ideal was to be plump and voluptuous.

I haven’t yet seen vendors specializing in plus-sized Hanfu, but the good news is that most Hanfu vendors are made-to-measure, which means that being plus-sized isn’t an issue, since they customize the clothing to your personal measurements. For pieces that are made to standard sizes (more common with Hanfu-inspired clothing rather than traditional Hanfu), they’ll usually be categorized as S, M, or L, and have a chart showing you the measurements for each category.

Have fun! 🙂