Can the USA overtake China in the supercompute…

Can the USA overtake China in the supercomputer race with her 200 petaflops Summit? – Quora:

no. The USA needs to aim for at least 2 exaflops if they are starting
now, since it takes about two or three years to go from design to actual
running hardware.

Sitting in Singapore, I
am in the unusual position of having visited the Chinese #1 and #2
supercomputer sites and met with their designers, and also being
familiar with the usual TOP500 sites in the US and what some of their
plans are.

As a citizen of the USA, I find
the disparity discouraging. The Chinese already have a 1 exaflops system
in their pipeline, and their designs are excellent and getting better.
By the time the USA ekes out a 200 petaflops system, the Chinese will
almost certainly have one already in operation that runs circles around

This is really interesting because of the many applications supercomputers have in military and civilian fields. The top answer is from an American expert in the field who is currently employed by National University of Singapore here as a professor. I wonder how much the university is paying him?? XD