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Tianzi Garden Hotel (天子大酒店). 2000.

Tianzi Garden Hotel, located in
Langfang, Hebei Province, is a 10-storey hotel built in the early 2000s. At 41.6m tall, the building directly
resembles the image of the three deities, or the Sanxing (三星), Fu (福), Lu (祿) and Shou (壽). “Tianzi” translates to “Son of Heaven,” and the three deities are seen as
personifications of the three attributes for a good life. Dating back to the Ming Dynasty, each deity is
associated with astrological and historical meaning. Fu, the God of fortune, is believed to be auspicious and bring success. Lu, the God of prosperity, is associated with influence and rank.
Shou, the God of longevity, is related to the star of the South Pole, the star
that controls the mortal life span. 

A distinct feature of the hotel is
that the peach in Shou’s left hand, which the deity always carries, is actually
a whole suite in the hotel. The windows of the hotel rooms are the symbols on the robes, and the entrance to the hotel is near Shou’s right foot. Guests will
have a happy and peaceful stay with the protection of the gods. The colourful hotel is among the most bizarre buildings in the world, and holds the 2001 Guinness World Record of being the biggest
image building.

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