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《古裝時代》 Evolution of the Chinese Period Theme Song  by Singaporean group The Teng Ensemble which uses both Western and traditional Chinese instruments.

A medley of Chinese theme songs from Chinese dramas and film from the past to the present. See how many you can recognize! I recognize way too many, it means I’m old :cries: Who is as old as me? 🙁

歌曲列表  Full List of songs:
1. 書劍恩仇錄The Legend of the Book and the Sword (1976)《書劍恩仇錄》
2. 天龍八部Demi-Gods and Semi Devils (1982)《兩忘煙水裡》
3. 射雕英雄傳The Legend of the Condor Heros (1983)《世間始終你好》
4. 西遊記Journey to the West (1986)《敢問路在何方》
5. 笑傲江湖The Swordsman (1990)《滄海一聲笑》
6. 黃飛鴻Once upon a time in China (1991)《男兒當志強》
7. 新白娘子傳奇The Legend of White Snake (1992)《千年等一回》
8. 六指琴魔Dreadful Melody (1994)《天龍八音》
9. 梁祝The Lovers (1994)《梁山伯與祝英台
10. 神鵰俠侶The Condor Heroes (1995)《神話.情話》
11. 還珠格格 Princess Pearl (1998)《當》
12. 水滸傳 Water Margin (1998)《好漢歌》
13. 臥虎藏龍Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (2000)《月光愛人》
14. 英雄 Hero (2002)《For the World theme》
15. 十面埋伏House of Flying Daggers (2004)《佳人曲》
16. 功夫 Kungfu Hustle (2004)《東海漁歌》
17. 神話 The Myth (2005)《美麗的神話》
18. 滿城盡帶黃金甲Curse of the Golden Flower (2006)《菊花台》
19. 霍元甲 Fearless (2006)《霍元甲》
20. 葉問 Ip Man (2008)《Maestro》
21. 步步驚心Scarlet Heart (2011)《三寸天堂》
22. 后宮甄嬛傳Empresses in the Palace (2011)《紅顏劫》
23. 一代宗師The Grandmaster (2013)《一代宗師》
24. 武媚娘傳奇The Empress of China (2014)《無字碑》
25. 刺客聶隱娘 The Assassin (2015)