Hi ! I was wondering if you could help me iden…

Hi ! I was wondering if you could help me identify the various film/tv in your compilation of actresses wearing huadian and mianye. I'm a huge fan of Chinese historical dramas and would like to watch some of them. -Nikita

Hi, thanks for the question! Sure, I can help identify the films/tv series in my compilation from my huadian and mianye post.


Here they are (click titles for links):

1: Zhang Ziyi as Mei in House of Flying Daggers/十面埋伏 (2004 film)

2: Fan Bingbing as Yang Guifei in Lady of the Dynasty/王朝的女人·杨贵妃

 (2015 film)

3 & 8: Fan Bingbing as Wu Zetian in The Empress of China/武媚娘传奇 (2014 TV Series)

4: Tong Liya as Wu Qingcheng

in Beauty World/唐宫美人天下 (2011 TV Series)

5: Zhou Jie as Yang Guifei


Imperial Concubine Yang/杨贵妃

(1992 film) – Note: I haven’t watched this, but from looking at photos the costumes and styling are some of the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen:


6: Qiu Peining as



Journey to the West/西游记 (1986 TV Series)

7: Tong Liya as Beauty Tao

in Dream Back to Tang Dynasty/梦回唐朝 (2013 TV Series) – Note: Her look in this is so pretty!:


9: Tong Liya as Chen Lianxing

in Love Without a Trace/爱无痕 (Upcoming TV Series)

For more on Chinese film/tv, please see my film and drama tags.

Hope this helps, and enjoy!