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Nature Series (自然系列) by Zhang Jian-Jun (张健君). Ink on rice paper. 1987.

Shanghai-born visual artist Zhang Jian-Jun is based in both New York City and Shanghai. He works across a variety of media including but not limited to ink, ceramics, sculpture, and performance. His work takes heavy influence from Daoism and Buddhism, particularly from the teachings of Zhuangzi and Laozi, and is focused on exploring themes of time, transformation, hybridity, and the natural world. Zhang also was the former Assistant Director and Head of the Curatorial Department of the Shanghai Art Museum, and now currently teaches art at the NYU Shanghai campus (having formerly taught at the New York City campus).

This paneled polyptych entry into Zhang’s Nature Series melds together the Chinese practice of ink painting and the Western abstraction to produce a contemporary abstract landscape. 

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