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All About Love (得閒炒飯) dir. Ann Hui (許鞍華). 2010. 

All About Love, a drama-comedic film directed by critically acclaimed New Wave filmmakmer Ann Hui, portrays challenges faced by same-sex couples in Hong Kong. Known for grappling with weighty social issues through cinema, Hui chose the medium of comedy to critique modern homophobia and misogyny. The movie features the efforts of two lesbians, past lovers (Sandra Ng and Vivian Chow) reunited by chance in a counseling session for expectant mothers, to jettison the fathers of their children so they can get married. 

Hui mentioned that it was impossible to find Chinese investors for All About Love because of its subject material, and although homosexuality had been decriminalized for nearly two decades in Hong Kong at the time of production, the film performed relatively poorly at the box office, with zealous fans of the elusive Vivian Chow expressing outrage at her participation. Nevertheless, All About Love maintains a critical stand against both difficulties faced by lesbians and universal challenges tangled in love.

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