fate-magical-girls: Sui or Tang Dynasty noble…


Sui or Tang Dynasty noblewoman in ceremonial pheasant robes. With and without background. Done in Procreate App, October 2017

Lineart was done a long time ago, so proportions look a little strange

Chinese ceremonial clothing evolved over time. In the Northern and Southern Dynasties, women began wearing flower crowns, with the number of flowers denoting the wearer’s status. Contrary to popular misconception, for most of history, pheasants and not phoenixes decorated noble women’s robes. The lines of pheasants also denoted the wearer’s status. I’ve taken some liberties with the hair and jewels. During the Sui Dynasty, women braided their hair tightly. It was not until the Tang Dynasty that hairstyles became loose and fluffy. Women also did not wear earrings, especially not to formal occasions, before the Song Dynasty, as piercing the ears was seen as a barbarian custom.