I'm curious if you know any places that d…

I'm curious if you know any places that does hanfu renting/dressing up for a day like kimono shops in Japan and hanbok shops in South Korea? I know hanfu isn't as popular to the west as the other two but how hard is it to find these shops if I don't speak the language?

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There are photography studios that provide hanfu for customers to wear for the purpose of taking photos, but I don’t know of any places that let customers rent hanfu and go out on their own for the day. 

I think the reason for this is that the modern hanfu industry/market is relatively new, and therefore the “one-day rental” business model hasn’t taken hold yet. It’s only a matter of time, though – the hanfu market is growing each year, with an increasing number of hanfu being sold and people buying/wanting to wear hanfu. Once there is sufficient supply and demand to make the business model profitable (I predict within the next 5 years), I’m certain the hanfu rental industry is going to take off in China, as it did in Japan and Korea.  

In the meantime, if you want to dress up in hanfu for a day, your current options are to: 1) buy hanfu, 2) borrow hanfu from an acquaintance, or 3) schedule an appointment with a photo studio that does hanfu photoshoots.

Hanfu photography is another industry that’s seeing a boom thanks to the increasing interest in hanfu. There are quite a few photo studios that can provide you with hanfu, accessories, hair & makeup styling, and props for a personalized photoshoot, in the location of your choosing. Just look through my blog for examples of these photoshoots ^^. However, it’ll be hard to use their services if you don’t speak Chinese, since most of them make appointments through Chinese social media (and as far as I know, do not have English-speaking staff).

With that said, here are three examples of well-known hanfu photographers, all with different styles, who take appointments (click name for link to blog, where you can see more of their work):

1) 临溪摄影/Linsea Photo:


2) 当小时/Dang Xiaoshi:





For more names, please look through my photo posts, which will typically contain a link back to the photographer’s blog.

Finally, a disclaimer that this is all based on my own knowledge – if anyone knows of a place that does authentic hanfu rentals, please do share ^^

Hope this helps!