My lovelies, I have over 7000 followers! Now, I’m only 3000 away from reaching my goal of 10,000 followers by the end of the year. Of course, you all are more than just numbers to me: I consider each one of you as a friend! There is so much hate in the world now, I just want to spread more love and friendship. I’m so happy to be able to bring people together through this simple blog appreciating traditional clothing and culture. So, I’m eternally grateful to have your support. I love answering your questions and just talking to all of you. 

Thus, I want to ask what content you want to see more of. I know many of my posts are about Chinese clothing, but I want to post more about Japanese and Korean clothing. Is there anything you want to see more of? Chinese mythology? Chinese history? Historical figures? Certain aspects of clothing? Moreover, I have (finally) started editing my ethnic minority posts, so hopefully, soon I might be able to get them back up and finish the project. 

Please let me know! Your feedback and/or criticism is alway welcomed. Or if you have any question or you just want to say “hello,” just leave me a message in my inbox! 

Once again, thank you so much and I love you!