Hello darling! Do you have any suggestions of …

Hello darling! Do you have any suggestions of shops where I could buy hanfus? ^^ I've dreaming of wearing hanfu for the long time now! ps. I absolutely love your posts <3


I apologize for the late reply. For some reason, Tumblr didn’t notify me that I had messages. But, thank you for your question! I have been dreaming of wearing a hanfu for a long time too! Hopefully, I will get a chance in the near future. 

There is a large selection of hanfus to choose from on Aliexpress, both traditional and modern with many different colors and designs. Taobao is also a great site to buy hanfus. The Toronto Guqin Society has a list of approved hanfu ateliers. On their site, you will find links to businesses selling hanfus and hanfu accessories. I checked a few of them out and I’m already in love!

@fouryearsofshades has a list of online hanfu shops too. You should give it a look. 

I hope I have answered your question.