Hiya! What would guzhuang for doctors have loo…

Hiya! What would guzhuang for doctors have looked like? Though I imagine female medics were uncommon, were there any gender differences in their uniform?


While there is an abundance of information about ancient Chinese medicine (since it is still being practiced today), there is, surprisingly, little about doctors. But, I’m always up for a challenge and learning more about history.

For the most part, doctors in ancient times did not have a “uniform,” but they were expected to dress semi-formally, if not formally, because of their status as learned men. Semi-formal wear includes a chang (裳), a pleated skirt; a bixi (蔽膝), a long, front cloth panel attached from the waist belt; a zhaoshan (罩衫), a long open fronted coat; and sometimes a guan (冠), a hat, with their hair tied up in a top not.

Here are some famous Chinese doctors:

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