sinethetamagazine: Floral Portrait by Hsiao-Ro…


Floral Portrait by Hsiao-Ron Cheng (鄭曉嶸). Illustration. 2012-2014.

Hsiao-Ron Cheng, born in 1986, is a Taiwanese digital artist
and illustrator. She started her freelance illustration career in 2012 and garnered international attention for her captivating, ethereal and
dainty pastel portraits. She was later shortlisted for the 2012 Young Illustrator Award. She has designed for album covers, advertisements, fashion and magazine
editorials and café murals. Her list of clients include Troye Sivan, Coeur de Pirate, Paramount, Cinéma
du Parc and L’Oréal Paris.

Images courtesy of Hsiao-Ron Cheng

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