May I ask what is the hair accessories for mal…

May I ask what is the hair accessories for males that went over the manbun (not hair pins)


Hi, great question!

There are so many different types of male hats and headwear throughout Chinese history, it would be impossible for me to list them all. A brief intro:

– The typical types of male headwear are called Jin (巾) for soft caps, Mao (帽) for stiff hats, and Guan (冠) for formal headdresses.

– The term guan is traditionally an umbrella term encompassing all forms of headgear that cover the wearer’s hair, and is also commonly called Shoufu (首服/clothing of the head). The guan makes use of a hairpin which goes across a topknot of hair to stabilize itself, and is coupled with a sash tied underneath the chin.

Jin are caps of civilian usage. Head-cloths wrapping the head and topknot fall into the jin category. For example, one type of jin is the Wangjin (网巾/net cap), which became popular during the Ming Dynasty:


– Officials and academics have a separate set of hats, typically the Putou (幞頭)Wushamao (烏紗帽), Si-fang pingding jin (四方平定巾; or simply, Fangjin: 方巾), and Zhuangzi jin (莊子巾).

Here are three great resources that describe male hair/head accessories:

1. Wikipedia’s Hanfu article has a section on male headwear, complete with an informative list and pictures.

2. Headwear: Guan, Jin, Accessories is a nice introduction to male headwear, which leads to…

3. A list of Guan, Jin, and other headwear, an article from the same source as above, which contains detailed descriptions of male headwear.

Hope this helps! 🙂