What is the male Hanfu crown-thing with the ha…

What is the male Hanfu crown-thing with the hairpin called? Thanks in advance. =)

Hi, thanks for the question! 

The crown-like headwear with a hairpin that is worn with men’s Hanfu is called Guan/冠. The Guan is a headdress that can cover either the full top of the head or just the topknot, and makes use of a hairpin which goes across the topknot to stabilize itself. Please see my posts on traditional Chinese male headwear and Guan in particular for more information.

You may also be thinking of a specific type of Guan called Mianguan/冕冠, which is a formal headdress that was worn by royalty and officials. 

The Mianguan consists of a crown topped with a long board, with strands of jade beads draped from the two ends. Please see my post on Mianguan for more information. (Illustration Via)

For more references, please check out my Guan tag. Hope this helps! 

(Photos via Chinese TV series “Secret of the Three Kingdoms”)