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Red Cliff | Outfits 1/?

Emperor Xian, last emperor of the Han Dynasty, from the 2008 film Red Cliff. He wears a kind of Hanfu (han chinese clothing) called Miǎn Fú/冕服, which is the highest level of formal dress worn by emperors, princes, and kings in China from the Shang Dynasty until the Ming Dynasty. 

The top half of the clothing is normally black and the lower half normally crimson, symbolizing the order of heaven and earth. Dragons are the most common type of embroidery. Twelve other decorative patterns include symbolic animals, and scenes with the sun and moon. Mianfu are fastened with a belt, under which there is a decorative cloth called Bì Xī/蔽膝, which is an important component of ceremonial Hanfu. The emperor’s Bixi was pure red in color. (X


An important part of Mianfu is the formal headdress called Miǎn Guān/冕冠. It consists of a crown topped with a long board, with strands of jade beads draped from the two ends. The Emperor’s Mianguan exclusively uses 12 strands of 12 jade beads front and back, while members of the royalty are entitled to use 9 strands of 9 beads.

High and middle-rank officials also can use similar designs with 7 or 5 strands of the same number of beads.