isaia: That Mood™“This girls name is Li Ziqi a…


 That Mood™

“This girls name is Li Ziqi and she was orphaned at a very young age so she went to live with her grandparents in the countryside.
As a young adult she lived in the city but then moved back to the countryside to take care of her grandma after her grandpa passed away.

 She uploads her videos on Weibo and her fans re-upload her videos on Youtube.

She also has longer videos with bloopers that show she is the one setting up the camera and recording/cooking/building.. basically doing everything herself.

I first found her through a Facebook video and was like “omg!!! the chinese girl version of primitive technologies” lol“

Li Ziqi is awesome! Her Weibo is here btw if you want to watch all her videos so far. She also has an unofficial facebook page here that posts her videos. 

Just to clear up some things about her: She lives in Mianyang, Sichuan (I see all kinds of misinformation about her location…). She started out making videos just by herself, but since becoming extremely popular, she now has a small team (cameraman/assistant) to help her create the videos. Nevertheless, everything she’s shown doing in the videos is truly of her own skills/ability!