Is Mulan getting bathed,dressed up and makeup …

Is Mulan getting bathed,dressed up and makeup applied on her face,meeting the Matchmaker,reciting the admonition and tasked to pour the tea accurate in ancient Chinese customs?


Hi! I looked into it, and I couldn’t find the specific method in which ancient Chinese women went to meet the matchmaker. However, based on what I’ve found, the matchmaker’s examination of Mulan as depicted in the film doesn’t seem to have existed.

The matchmaker’s job in ancient China was to connect potential brides with potential grooms. When a boy’s parents found a potential daughter-in-law, the parents contacted a matchmaker. If the girl and her parents accepted the proposal, the matchmaker would match their birth dates using Chinese fortune telling. If the results were good, the bridegroom’s family arranged for the matchmaker to present a bride price and a dowry to the bride’s family. The matchmaker also assuaged the conflict of interests and general embarrassments on the part of two families largely unknown to each other when discussing the possibility of marriage. (Source)

Therefore, it appears that matchmakers’ clients were primarily the boys’ families (rather than the girls’), and that they were focused on connecting couples in which one side had already shown an interest toward the other. Therefore, testing the girls (reciting admonitions, pouring tea) would be unnecessary.