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Jin Yong: The ‘Tolkien of Chinese literature’ dies at 94

He’s been referred to as the JRR Tolkien of Chinese literature and the grandfather of martial arts novels – but very few people have heard of him outside the Chinese-speaking world.

Novelist Louis Cha, who wrote under the name Jin Yong, died on Tuesday at a hospital in Hong Kong at the age of 94.

He had become a household name across many Chinese-speaking parts of Asia, having sold millions of books and inspiring a whole genre of TV shows, comics and even video games.

“I don’t think there’s another writer that’s been read by more people [in the Chinese-speaking world], period,” Eileen Chow, a visiting associate professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Duke University in North Carolina, told the BBC.

“Like JRR Tolkien, his writing has really endured.”