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LI GUINIAN SINGING by Ma Xinle (马欣乐). Ink and color on paper scroll. 1993.

Signed by the artist with four seals, Li Guinian Singing is a traditional Chinese ink painting with calligraphic enscription by Ma Xinle. It depicts Li Guinian, legendary musician of Tang dynasty Emperor Xuanzong’s court. Li fled south of the Yangtze river following the historical An Lushan Rebellian, but is remembered in literature as a talented singer of the past.

A graduate of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Ma Xinle was a student under several modern masters Cheng Shifa (1921-2007), Liu Wenxi (born 1933), and Huang Zhou (1925-1997). Ma also studied connoisseurship alongside artist-collector C.C. Wang and received an MFA in oil painting from Bowling Green State University while after moving to the United States. Ma is well known for his traditional Chinese painting technique that blends his area of expertise with his Western influences. Me has exhibited in both China and around North America, and also serves as an educator and art advisor to various organizations. His The Nine Galloping Horses was gifted to Queen Elizabeth II for her 90th birthday from the People’s Republic of China.

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