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Unboxing Pechoin 百雀羚 Hand Cream

I consider myself a hand cream connoisseur but these has got to be the most fancily packaged hand creams I have ever bought! So much so I decided to take photos.

Pechoin 百雀羚 is an old Chinese cosmetics company founded in Shanghai in 1931. It was something your Chinese grandma used but now they have been rebranding themselves to appeal to young Chinese women.This is the result. 

This set of three hand creams based on Chinese herbal extracts (orchid, camellia and osmanthus respectively) also came with a free green tube of exfoliating cream packaged in a fancy metal box.There are also 9 complimentary bookmarks printed with classical Chinese poetry as you can see in the last photo.

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More famously recently, Peng Liyuan (President Xi Jinping’s wife) has given Pechoin skincare products as diplomatic gifts to foreigners.