fouryearsofshades: It is not December yet but…


It is not December yet but here are a bunch of hanfu co-od I have worn in 2018. Most of these are parallel-collared super sheer shan, because of the weather. 

I have gotten some new pieces, including my first proper outdoor trousers (middle, left 1), and the tailor helpfully gifted me with some pockets, inspired by European court dresses (middle left 1, left 2 – the red thingy on the side). 

Top left 1 and 2 are my new year’s co-od, with my one and only pipo (scarf).

Also lots of batik skirt, because I like them. And middle left 2 is made from two different piece of batik, to mimic pagi sore (morning evening) long cloth.

I am pretty sure I have more co-ods, but I can’t find those pictures.