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How thinking small became a business for Malay…

How thinking small became a business for Malaysian artist: undefined

fouryearsofshades: 最后声明几件事:首先,我做这些东西只是兴趣使然,…



OP 刃如秋水

Sword hidden in the hair stick~

Making tutorial in the link [in Chinese].



Traditional Chinese Hanfu from 自在飞花汉服.

“Oh no, not with your syntax,” said H.V. to he…

“Oh no, not with your syntax,” said H.V. to her daughter-in-law, a   Chinese writing poetry in English

 She walk to table
 She walks to a table

She walk to table now
She is walking to a table now

What difference it make
What difference does it make

In Nature, no completeness
No sentence really complete thought

Language, our birthright & curse
Pay no mind to immigrant syntax

Poetry, born as beast
Move best when free, undressed

Mid-Autumn Festival Google Doodle for Singapor…

Mid-Autumn Festival Google Doodle for Singapore by
Taiwanese-American illustrator Cynthia Yuan Cheng

What I saw yesterday…

ziseviolet: Hanfu photoset via coser小梦, Part 8…


Hanfu photoset via coser小梦, Part 8/?

According to Chinese legend, the white Jade Rabbit (玉兔) is a companion to the beautiful moon goddess Chang’e (嫦娥), and pounds the Elixir of Life for her with its mortar and pestle under a cinnamon tree. Chang’e and the Jade Rabbit live in the Moon Palace, and can be seen every year in full view on the day of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Jade Rabbit – Coser小梦 (read about him here); Chang’e – 真的菜菜

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone! (Source)

I want a Jade Rabbit who looks like this…where can I get one??

Chang E put her hand in her pocket and found t…

Chang E put her hand in her pocket and found the flower. The petals were waxen, the texture oddly plastic between her fingertips. They had none of the fragility she’d been taught to associate with flowers.

Here is a secret Chang E knew, though her mother didn’t.

Past a certain point, you stop being able to go home. At this point, when you have got this far from where you were from, the thread snaps. The narrative breaks. And you are forced, pastless, motherless, selfless, to invent yourself anew.

At a certain point, this stops being sad — but who knows if any human has ever reached that point?

Chang E wiped her eyes and her streaming forehead, followed the nuns back to the temple, and knelt to pray to her nameless forebears.

She was at the exit when she remembered the flower. The Lunar Border Agency got funny if you tried to bring Earth vegetation in. She left the flower on the steps to the temple.

Then Chang E flew back to the Moon.

中秋节 Mid-Autumn Festival 2018

中秋节 Mid-Autumn Festival 2018

Pic Sources:

The last two photos are mine, taken at a mall in Singapore where I was window-shopping for mooncakes with a friend.

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival which is celebrated on the 15th of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Read more

4 Major Styles of Traditional Chinese Mooncake…

4 Major Styles of Traditional Chinese Mooncakes

From top to bottom: Cantonese, Beijing, Suzhou and Chaozhou (Teochew) style mooncakes

ziseviolet: Portraits of several of the female…


Portraits of several of the female Buddhist donors depicted in the famous Dunhuang Murals from the Mogao Caves of China, by Chinese artist -阿舍-. The women are wearing traditional Chinese hanfu, jewelry, and makeup. (X)


Portraits 1-5: Cave 61 (Five Dynasties 907-960 AD). This cave was dedicated by the family of Cao Yuanzhong, military governor of the Guiyijun regime. The portraits depict the women of the Cao family.

Portrait 6: Cave 9 (Late Tang Dynasty

875-907 AD). The portrait depicts Lady He.

Portraits 7-9: Cave 130 (High Tang Dynasty 705-781 AD). This cave was dedicated by the family of Le Tinghuan, Satrap of Jinchang Prefecture. The portraits depict his wife Lady Wang (7) and their two daughters (8 & 9).