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Hello! You have a lovely blog! Sorry if you&#…

Hello! You have a lovely blog! Sorry if you've been asked this before; Do you know of any online stores that sell traditional chinese dresses and such? As well as traditional chinese accessories?.. Thank you!

Hi, I’m delighted that you find my blog lovely! ^^


Please see my “Where To Buy Hanfu” page for all of my information, posts, and replies regarding where to find and buy traditional & modern Chinese hanfu and accessories. I recently just revamped the page, so it now contains links to all of my replies to previous asks about buying hanfu. I also updated the list of hanfu and accessory brands. Please check it out! 

PS – I also have “About”“Tags”, and “Replies” pages for additional information and resources.

Hope this helps! ^^

Photo via 葵花花花儿, Hanfu from 风熏堂

Hanfu photoset via coser小梦, Part 8/? Accordin…

Hanfu photoset via coser小梦, Part 8/?

According to Chinese legend, the white Jade Rabbit (玉兔) is a companion to the beautiful moon goddess Chang’e (嫦娥), and pounds the Elixir of Life for her with its mortar and pestle under a cinnamon tree. Chang’e and the Jade Rabbit live in the Moon Palace, and can be seen every year in full view on the day of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Jade Rabbit – Coser小梦 (read about him here); Chang’e – 真的菜菜

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone! (Source)

Hanfu photoset via coser小梦, Part 7/?Model Co…

Hanfu photoset via coser小梦, Part 7/?


Coser小梦 (read about him here) is wearing a white Yuanlingpao/圆领袍 (round-collar robe) from

重回汉唐. He hand-painted the blue lotus flower design (and the fan) himself! (Source)

ziseviolet: 弥秋君 wearing traditional Chinese…


弥秋君 wearing traditional Chinese Hanfu in Nepal. Waist-high, parallel-collar Ruqun/襦裙 from 春拾記/Chunshiji. Photography by


From the “Traveling with Hanfu” photoseries. 

i am chinese living abroad, is it appropriate …

i am chinese living abroad, is it appropriate if i wear hanfu for my wedding? can you post some hanfu that would work with a wedding? thnx!

Hi, of course it would be appropriate to wear hanfu for your wedding!

Please see my wedding hanfu tag to view all wedding hanfu on my blog. This “Hanfu wedding masterlist” is a good primer on the subject.

Modern wedding hanfu are divided into three styles: Han, Tang, and Ming. Here are some of my recommendations for each type:

1) Han: Black and/or red.

重回汉唐/Chonghui Hantang has two Han-style wedding hanfu sets. The first set is the classic black-and-red combination:  


The second set switches things up by using dark purple in place of black:


2) Tang: Bride wears green (sometimes red), groom wears red.

雅韵华章/Yayun Huazhang’s Tang-style wedding hanfu for the bride (left, right) and groom:


锦瑟衣庄/Jinse Yizhuang’s Tang-style wedding hanfu. Left, Right (groom).


3) Ming: Red (and blue).

明华堂/Minghuatang is known for its high-quality Ming-style hanfu, including wedding outfits.


Hope this helps! 🙂

ziseviolet:Mermaid-themed traditional Chinese Hanfu photography…


Mermaid-themed traditional Chinese Hanfu photography via

摄影师朱婉蓉. Hanfu from


Tuanshan/团扇 – Chinese Rigid Fans – by 霜天晓角李晶The original Chinese…

Tuanshan/团扇 – Chinese Rigid Fans – by 霜天晓角李晶

The original Chinese fan, the circular tuanshan/团扇, is said to have been modeled after the full moon, and signifies union and happiness. This moon-shaped fan eventually came to take on many other different shapes, such as that of flowers. 

The tuanshan is made up of four parts – the handle, the cloth interior, and the two outer guards that hold the cloth in place. The cloth is embroidered/painted with scenes of nature: flowers, butterflies, birds, mountains and waters, etc. The ribs of the fan were usually made of animal bones, wood or bamboo, while the handle was engraved with beautiful designs and decorated with jade pendants.