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Traditional Chinese hanfu by 溯光十七


Chinese hanfu from Xitang Hanfu Cultural Week. Photo by 赵白-BaiBai


Traditional Chinese hanfu by 烟清寺


modern hanfu by the sea with actress Xu Jiao


Hanfu photoset via Coser小梦, Part 9/?

Coser小梦 is dressed as Baigu Gongzi/白骨公子 (white bone prince), a character he created that may have been inspired by Baigujing/白骨精 (white bone spirit), a demoness from the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West.

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Ophelia in hanfu

i have a question! as of now, do teenagers and young women still wear hanfu? i know there’s a hanfu revival movement going on, but is it normal to see people wear hanfu or hanfu influenced clothes walking around the street?

Hi, thanks for the question!

I answered part of your question in my reply here, so please check it out! To answer your specific question – yes, because of the hanfu revival movement, more and more teenagers and young women/men are wearing hanfu. I wouldn’t say it’s currently “normal” to see people wearing hanfu or hanfu-influenced clothes walking around the street, but it’s definitely becoming more common and accepted, compared to before. I have a compilation of hanfu street fashion photos in my post here.

Here are some more examples:

It’s not just women – men are in on the trend too!

For more photos/resources, please check out my hanfu movement and street style tags. Hope this helps!

Chinese street fashion snaps via 小杰街拍, 她街拍街拍LOOK路客文化.