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cfensi: Xu Jiao’s Alice In Wonderland hanfu co…


Xu Jiao’s Alice In Wonderland hanfu collection



Traditional Chinese Hanfu.



Traditional Chinese Hanfu.



Traditional Chinese Hanfu.



Traditional Chinese Hanfu.

Hi! Do you think it’s fine for westerner…

Hi! Do you think it’s fine for westerners to wear hanfu? I just really appreciate the relatively genderless silhouette of it all, besides the very pretty looks of it

Hi! I actually answered a similar question in this post. The gist of it is, I personally think it’s fine, if it’s worn respectfully ^^ (Image Via)




Traditional Chinese Hanfu.

ziseviolet: 「何须名苑看春风,一路山花不负侬。」  Traditional …



Traditional Chinese Hanfu photography amid rhododendrons via 知竹zZ. She is wearing a Beizi/褙子

from 宴山亭. Location: Guifeng Mountain, Hubei.

Hello! Do you happen to have a master post of …

Hello! Do you happen to have a master post of all of your asks/posts anywhere? Just to help me navigate! ^^

Hi, thanks for the question! (Image via)


You can see all my replies to asks on my Replies page. I’ve included the entire list in this post as well, for convenience ^^. I’ll be updating the Replies page and this post as needed. 

Also, for all my own posts (including replies), please see my China tag (that’s the tag I use for my original posts).

Masterpost of Ziseviolet’s Replies:

Hanfu Terms:

Guide to the different types of Hanfu

Hanfu names

My favorite Hanfu style

Daxiushan (large-sleeve robe) 

Bijia (sleeveless jacket)

Difference between Bijia & Banbi

Yuanlingpao (round-collar robe)

Hezi (chest undergarment accessory)

Doupeng (cloak/cape)

Parallel/straight collars

Winter Hanfu

Mourning Hanfu (Sangfu)

Identifying Hanfu in a photoset

Hanfu History:

Children’s Hanfu

Commoner’s Hanfu

Han dynasty Ruqun & footwear

Three Kingdoms period Hanfu

Northern & Southern dynasties Hanfu

What Mulan would’ve worn

Tang dynasty emperor’s Hanfu

Song dynasty Hanfu styles

Ming dynasty skirts

Yuan/Qing dynasty Hanfu – Part 1, Part 2

Hanfu for empress/noblewoman

Books recs on history of Hanfu – Part 1, Part 2

Wedding Hanfu:

Wedding Hanfu recs 

Pictures of wedding Hanfu

Modernized/Modified Hanfu:

Websites that sell modernized Hanfu

Incorporating Hanfu styles in a more modern way 

Where to buy modernized Hanfu

Hanfu Accessories:

Pibo (long scarf)

Tuanshan (rigid fan)

Weimao (veiled hat) – Part 1, Part 2

Jinbu (waist ornament)

Douli (conical hat)

Hanfu Hair Accessories/Hairstyles:

Hanfu hair accessories

Hair accessories for fine hair

Short hair and Hanfu

Ming dynasty hairstyles

Miao silver hair accessories – Part 1, Part 2

My favorite hairstyle


Huadian (forehead decoration) – Part 1, Part 2

Traditional Chinese makeup ingredients

Tang dynasty lip makeup

Men’s Hanfu:

Hanfu styles for men

Men’s formal Hanfu

Dachang (open-fronted robe)

Zhiduo vs Daopao

Yishang vs Yesa/Yisan 

Men’s Hanfu blog recs

Men’s Headwear/Hairstyles:

Historical hairstyles for men

Men’s hair accessories

Guan (headdress)

Guan & Mianguan

Hanfu Undergarments:

Guide to Hanfu undergarments – Part 1, Part 2

Hanfu petticoats

Emperor’s undergarment for Mianfu

Dudou (chest undergarment)

Lower body Neiyi (underwear)

Zhongyi & Neiyi

Wearing Hanfu:

Plus-sized Hanfu – Part 1, Part 2

Chest-high Ruqun for big-chested figures

Are chest-high styles restrictive for the chest – Part 1, Part 2

Hanfu renting/dressing up

Is Hanfu hard to wear/sew

Do people in China still wear Hanfu 

Non-Chinese wearing Hanfu

Making Hanfu:

Sewing Hanfu

Making Hanfu by hand

Making Chest-high Ruqun

Using shiny brocade fabric

Buying Hanfu:

Where to buy Hanfu – Part 1, Part 2

How to buy Hanfu on Taobao

International shipping on Taobao

Buying Hanfu in US/Washington DC

Hanfu shops in Shanghai

Where to buy Hanfu in Hong Kong

Recs for colorful & flowy Hanfu

Shops that sell Hanfu with more natural fabrics

Where to buy crane-print skirts

How to find Hanfu for BJDs

Hanfu in films/dramas:

Hanfu in “The Empress of China"

Hanfu in “Eternal Love"

Identifying actresses in Huadian compilation

Recs for historically/stylistically accurate Chinese drama

Accuracy of Hanfu in Mulan

Is Mulan wearing Waist-high Ruqun

Comparison with Kimono and Hanbok:

Comparing Hanfu & Kimono (padding) 

Comparing Hanfu & Hanbok (resources)

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Hanbok blog recs


What is “Gufeng”

Who is Coser小梦

Qing dynasty & modern day Hanfu

Matchmaking in ancient China

What my username means

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