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As was wondering if it's okay for non-Asi…

As was wondering if it's okay for non-Asians to wear hanfu or huadian?

Hi! The answer is a bit nuanced – please see the posts here, here, and here on the topic (these posts only touch on hanfu, but the reasoning applies to huadian as well).

Also, I do have a masterpost of all my replies to asked questions so far – please check it out! ^^

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Traditional Chinese hanfu by 溯光十七

『水魅』“以情为食,以水为狱。”Ethereal underwater mermaid …



Ethereal underwater mermaid photoshoot by Chinese photographer 夏弃疾_. The model is wearing traditional Chinese hanfu. (Source)

hi ! so less of a hanfu or style question… b…

hi ! so less of a hanfu or style question… but i was wondering what dynasty do you suppose ' the rise of the phoenixes ' uses mainly as it's material? i saw your post about the clothing style used seeming to be closely tied to tang the tang dynasty.

Hi! Yep, as I described in my post, the costumes in “The Rise of Phoenixes” mainly use the Tang dynasty as their reference material. If you look through my Tang dynasty tag, you can see how the clothes are very similar to those in the show ^^

So, I'm a DM running a custom Dungeons &a…

So, I'm a DM running a custom Dungeons & Dragons setting in a Chinese themed fantasy setting (not actually China, but a fictional world based on China culturally). When a player asked what the kind of clothing/architecture I was using, I described it as a 'mix of Tang and Han' imagery. But I wanted to ask an expert: would it be considered bad/appropriative to mix styles from different eras? My intent was to make a fantasy setting that felt Chinese but not one specific era. Any help is great!

Hi, thanks for the question! I’m really not an expert at all, but thank you! I think it’s totally fine for you to mix styles from different eras for your fantasy setting, because to be honest, that’s what Chinese media does all the time! Seriously, if you check out Chinese dramas/cartoons/games, their cultural references (especially for clothing) tend to be derived from many different dynasties, combined into one. Especially since your setting is not actually China but rather based on it, I don’t see why you can’t mix styles ^^



Chinese hanfu from Xitang Hanfu Cultural Week. Photo by 赵白-BaiBai

It's so useful how you organized all your…

It's so useful how you organized all your replies. Makes it really to find infos and refs that way. Thank you very much for all the care you are putting into this blog!


Ahhhhh thank you so much!! It means a lot to me that my hanfu replies

Masterpost (which is updated, btw) is useful for finding information and references – that’s what it’s there for! I do try to make my blog content as organized & as conveniently accessible as possible – thank you for your kind and encouraging words in recognizing my effort! ^^

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I have the impression that all these hanfu sty…

I have the impression that all these hanfu styles seem so light and sheer, which is ideal for summer, but what is one supposed to wear in winter?


Hi, thanks for the question!

There are actually many hanfu styles suited for all different seasons, but the light and sheer ones tend to appear more often in photos (better for artistic effect I guess?). For details on what hanfu to wear in winter, please see my answer in a previous reply here. You can also check out my Winter Wear tag for more resources ^^

Hope this helps! (Image Via)



Hi there! No worries, you’re not being a bother. To start with, there’s no definitely no age limit on wearing hanfu. As for the question of cultural appropriation  – I’ve addressed the topic in my previous posts here, here, and here – please check them out! Personally, I feel that in your situation, there shouldn’t be any issues ^^ However, do keep in mind that I only speak for myself and there may be differing opinions. Hope this helps!