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part 3 of my trop rambles: props

the fan that he holds is a traditional style of fan called 团扇 (tuan fan) and is hand made by a well known fan studio (you can call it the couture of fans). it’s made with traditional embroidered silk and bamboo. this is one of the very few times you’ll see a male character of a period drama to use a proper tuan fan instead of the general folded ones that were not popular during the Tang dynasty. you can find the studio here

this 蜀锦 (Shu brocade) machine that serves as a symbol of his “tailor prince” character was rented from the sichuan Shu brocade museum. this specific type of brocade is from the area of chengdu, sichuan and is one of the four great brocades of china along with the Song styled brocade from Suzhou, the Cloud brocade from Jiangsu and the Zhi brocade from Zhejiang. the Shu brocade reached its peak popularity during the Tang dynasty and had significant effects on the culture, economical development and aesthetics of the dynasty. in 2006 its weaving techniques became one of the first to be on the national intangible cultural heritage list. in 2009 it was listed into UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list.

Chen Kun actually learned how to weave it on the machine and was scared shitless every time he sat on it because he thought he might damage it.

this wind screen has one of the greatest works of art in chinese history and is listed in the top 10 chinese paintings. it is a painting from the Northern Song dynasty by the prodigy painter Wang Ximeng when he was 18 and now resides in the Palace Museum in Beijing. the painting is called Thousands miles of mountains and rivers and depicts the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. the actual artwork is a lot smaller but super long.

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hanfugallery: Traditional Chinese hanfu by 自在飞…


Traditional Chinese hanfu by 自在飞花汉服

Traditional Chinese Wedding Hanfu in the style…

Traditional Chinese Wedding Hanfu in the style of the Ming Dynasty. 



Chinese fashion by 楚和听香

changan-moon: Traditional Chinese hanfu by 易烙…


Traditional Chinese hanfu by 易烙莫生气

Traditional Chinese Hanfu.

Traditional Chinese Hanfu.

It's so useful how you organized all your…

It's so useful how you organized all your replies. Makes it really to find infos and refs that way. Thank you very much for all the care you are putting into this blog!


Ahhhhh thank you so much!! It means a lot to me that my hanfu replies

Masterpost (which is updated, btw) is useful for finding information and references – that’s what it’s there for! I do try to make my blog content as organized & as conveniently accessible as possible – thank you for your kind and encouraging words in recognizing my effort! ^^

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changan-moon: Traditional Chinese hanfu by 易烙莫…


Traditional Chinese hanfu by 易烙莫生气

fouryearsofshades: 花间赋 Traditional Chinese …



Traditional Chinese Hanfu.