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Since you want to die, I shall assist you.

Hero (2002) | dir. Zhang Yimou


You must be mistress Flying Snow.

Hero (2002) | dir. Zhang Yimou


Jiang Ziya and Nezha Chinese New Year Promo

The company behind Nezha 2019 and the upcoming sequel Jiang Ziya produced this humorous Chinese New Year short featuring the cast of Nezha going to Jiang Ziya’s house for Reunion Dinner.

Jiang Ziya will be released on the 25th Jan 2020 in China and Singapore, the first day of Chinese New Year.

Hollywood losing China market to Chinese films. World next?:


people in China would rather see stories of people who look like them
and speak like them,” says Aynne Kokas, a professor at the University of
Virginia and author of Hollywood Made In China, which is about the entertainment industry’s relationship with the country.

don’t want a nationalist agenda but they want a movie to feel Chinese.
If they can get that in big-budget blockbusters, they’re going to see

it’s unlikely Americans would see a Chinese action-adventure en masse,
it’s not unthinkable that audiences in Europe, South America or
elsewhere in Asia would.“If
you’re not seeing the movie in your native language,” Moore says, “does
it really matter if you’re reading subtitles of English or [Chinese]?”


NeZha | “You are my only friend.”


curse of the golden flower (2006)

‘what i do not give, you must never take by force’

director: zhang yimou


Hero (dir. Zhang Yimou, 2002)


Hero (Zhang Yimou, 2002)

Just out of curiosity, I’ve been wondering if you have seen the movie “Nezha”? It’s been quite exciting to see traditional Chinese stories and myths retold through the big screen. Do you think a merging of traditional and modern pop culture can encourage more young people to take an interest in Chinese history and culture that may otherwise be viewed as boring and dull?


Hi! I haven’t seen the new Nezha movie yet, but I really want to! 😀 I plan to watch it whenever it gets its international release. 

Yes, it’s very exciting to see traditional Chinese stories and myths retold through the big screen, and I definitely think that such merging will encourage more interest in Chinese history and culture from young people. 

Personally, I’m also really looking forward to the live-action film adaptation of Huluwa (Calabash Brothers), which recently got green lit! Xiyouji (Journey to the West), Huluwa, and Baoliandeng (Lotus Lantern) were the Chinese animations of my childhood :’)

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Ne Zha dethrones Zootopia to become the first domestic animation to top the Chinese box office since 1995:


In eight days, animated film Ne Zha has made 1.530 billion RMB at the box office, dethroning Zootopia to become the highest-grossing animated film in Chinese box office history, the first domestic film to do so since The Lion King became the first Hollywood animated film to re-enter the market in 1995.