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Rules regarding when, where and for whom to pl…



Appropriate times for playing the qin

  1. Meeting someone who understands music.
  2. Meeting a suitable person.
  3. For a Daoist recluse.
  4. In a high hall.
  5. Having ascended a storied pavilion.
  6. In a Daoist cloister.
  7. Having climbed a mountain.
  8. Resting in a valley.
  9. Sitting on a stone.
  10. Roaming along the waterside.
  11. In a boat.
  12. Resting in the shadow of a forest.
  13. When the two essences of nature are bright and clear.
  14. In a cool breeze and when there is a bright moon.

Inappropriate times for playing the qin

  1. When there is wind and thunder, and in rainy weather.
  2. When there is a sun or moon eclipse.
  3. In a court room; in prison.
  4. In a market or shop.
  5. For a barbarian.
  6. For a vulgar person.
  7. For a merchant.
  8. For courtesans or actors.
  9. After inebriation.
  10. After fierce anger; in loud and noisy surroundings.
  11. After having had sexual intercourse.
  12. When formal dress is not in order; not having washed one’s hands and rinsed ones mouth.
  13. In disheveled and strange clothes.
  14. When flushed and covered with perspiration.

From a qin handbook of the Ming Dynasty  (Source)